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My Life Painted with Pretty Colors

Im not crying its the wind....

Hello,Im lily~ and Welcome to my journal here you will find basically rants. About me and my fandoms. I will NOT add back if you dont message or comment me telling me Who you are, Why you want to add me and your name, bias and what fandoms you belong to. (the last part is just so I can know what we have in common ^___^)

This journal still needs alot of updating to do and to decorate it and whole mess more.

My Fandoms:

Arashian- Sho is my husband. He is the only person on this earth that we have SO MUCH in common, we are meant to be<3 Im his ideal girl type. Dont argue with me.

E.L.F.- Bias's Eunhae,Teukie, Yesung and Heenim <3

TVXQ!/JYJ- Junsu

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nothing here is mine all credits go their repected owners. If i missed something thats your and didnt credit it you please tell me so i can post it. Thanks and Enjoy~